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We are living in a digital decade and we spend most of our time on social media. For every emotional attachment, there is a photo, and that photo…gets posted. Every birthday, life event, engagement, etc. is documented on a minuscule 6 inches of glass and plastic. I think we have forgotten the value of print products. 

Moments are being posted and forgotten.

Then, we see these memories on our TimeHop and it brings us right back to that moment and whichever emotion is attached to it. But why are you waiting a year or 2 to be reminded? Now, I know it doesn’t make much sense to print every life event, there is only so much wall space, but I do believe in albums for those life events. If you don’t find value in a photographer’s professional lab then you should definitely check out Chatbooks. You can create tangible photo albums from your Instagram account. 

If you do choose my professional lab…let me show you the items that I find value in. 

Photo Albums

Professional lab printed albums are the highest quality of photo album you will find. The consumer labs do not even compare. I did the research and printed from those and my professional lab that I trust and all the other labs’ images were pixelated. Not only is the picture better but how are those albums standing up to the test of time? You will want the generations after you to be able to cherish these images just like you did in the best quality 30 years later.

Kiss Wedding Album

VIVID Metal Wall Art 

The coolest, sleekest design there is. No frills of frames and definitely not the thickness. Yet, these vivid metal wall art prints are very durable. They lie close to the wall and appear almost invisible from the side. Perfect for all over your home but most definitely in tight spaces, like a hallway. And since they are metal they can be placed in a bathroom!

Millers Vivid Metal Print

Vintage Glass Photo Box

One of my personal favorites for its vintage vibe. These gorgeous gold-trimmed glass boxes hold loose prints. It’s the same concept of an “insert photo book” but in a prettier aesthetic. I would much rather have these on my coffee table, bookshelf, or end table instead of (excuse me) a tacky insert photo book. Let these serve both decor and functionality. 

Vintage Glass Print Box

Framed & Matted Prints

These are by far my absolute favorite! Their class can take any room in your home up a notch. Choose from 40+ different colors/styles of frames to match your home’s existing frames. The best part of framed prints is that you can change the photo out if you get updated pictures to showcase. That’s why I advise against canvas gallery wraps. While they are neat, they are not functional at all. When you are ready to change those photos the whole thing has to come down and you are starting over! Plus they are very expensive for how short-lived they are.

Framed Matted Print

Valuable print products stand the test of time, are functional, and have stellar quality!

Ohio Wedding Portrait Senior Boudoir Photographer



The Value of Print Products

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