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You said, YES! Now what? I want to capture your excitement as fresh as possible but do not rush to find a photographer. You don’t want your excitement of getting engagement photos to get in the way of finding the perfect photographer for you, hopefully, it’s me though.

As my wedding couple, here is how you can plan for the best engagement photos.


If you hadn’t thought of your nails yet it’s ok. That’s why you’re here. I will be taking pictures of your ring so it’s best to have your nails either freshly done or none at all. I am an intimate photographer, that meaning, we will create romantic moments between you and your boo that include hands-on the face or near the face. A natural look is very elegant and fresh.

Hair & Makeup

This is an excellent time to plan for your bridal makeup. I have a lot of brides use their wedding trial at the salon for their engagement photos. If this isn’t an option it’s always nice to feel extra special by having someone else do your hair and makeup for you. Sit back and relax.


Your outfit choices are SO important and I want you to stay true to yourself but I would leave the t-shirts at home. I always recommend the ladies wear a dress or skirt of some kind and for the men to wear a blazer with either jeans or dress pants. You may want to have two outfits; casual and dressy. Then, for color, my editing style works best on lighter hues including the pants! If you need further help check out my Pinterest board for inspiration. Also, check out the images on my website to see what colors thrive to most. 


Props are a great way to bring sentimental value into your photos beyond your love. You can bring headphones if you love music, skateboards/rollerblades, cupcakes, pets (popular), or champagne (really popular!) for a few ideas.


I love when couples choose a location that means something to them but I always recommend going somewhere new. This could be the perfect time to explore a new place together. For example, if you both love the city, let’s head to Chicago! Or if you met on the beach in Florida we can either go back to Florida or explore a new beach like South Haven on Michigan Lake to keep things local. You will forever remember where you took your engagement photos and could revisit that location for an anniversary shoot with me. I have a wedding couple that met while abroad. Her fiance is also from Scotland. So, they chose to do their engagement photos in Scotland! The location ideas are endless! My bags are ready!

New York Engagement Photos Morgan Marie


This may be out of your control since the proposal was a surprise and all but you will want to keep in mind when to book if you plan to send out save the dates before your formal invitation. Most send out save the dates 6-9 months before the wedding date.


The season goes hand-in-hand with timing because you may want Spring as your season for your engagement photos but it’s already Fall and your wedding is next Summer. Do you see the dilemma? Spring right before your Summer wedding may be cutting it close for save the dates, plus the excitement isn’t fresh. So, I offer split engagement sessions so you can get more seasons and variety but also stay on track with your wedding planning. Seasons will also give you a very different look even despite color choices in your outfits.

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