My photography career started over a decade ago with a $900 camera, some second hand experience, and a strong “I can do this!” attitude. Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a successful business centered around helping my clients look their best and feel comfortable and confident in front of my camera.

I believe in quality over quantity, and I only take a select number of weddings and portrait sessions to make sure I give every client the VIP experience you deserve. My clients love the laid back vibes and stunning results they get when they work with me. I’m all about having fun and looking fabulous!

When I get married, I know how perfect I want my wedding day to feel… so I make sure I give my clients the luxurious experience I expect. It’s about more than just incredible photos – I help you feel relaxed, beautiful, and ready to soak up every moment of the day. And I’m there to capture all of the emotions, big and small, so you can remember your wedding day exactly as it happened, long after the flowers have wilted and the memories have started to fade.

Thank you so much for being here.

Meet morgan marie:

wedding dresses saved on my phone for when I get married!


beautiful weddings photographed.


plants live in my home


years in business



years being a mom and I'm completely in love with it!

Beyond the camera, I am just like you!

I am in my 30s, and a single mom to a beautiful boy, Carson. My days are focused on my son, business, the Lord, family, and self-care. I'm a born and raised Catholic but I just welcomed the Lord into my life in 2020. It has been the best decision I have ever made and since then, I have prayed and thanked God as much as possible for the life path I have been given.

I am always reading and trying to improve my mind. I am a huge believer of reading the bible, as well as, self-care & self-help books. When I take care of my heart and soul, I am the best version to give to my son, family, and you!

If I could describe my personality briefly, I would say I am caring, fun, honest, outspoken, and witty with a good sense of humor. I am always smiling and laughing. 

Lastly, these are some random favorites of mine. I REALLY like shoes, coffee, interior decorating, plants, reading, painting, and traveling. 

Thank you for being here and I desire to be your life long friend!

Let's get personal!

I fall hard and deeply for all the wonderful things there are to love in this world. 

My son was born. I wanted to document his life and I shared all the images I had taken onto Facebook. One request from a family - turned into a business. From there, a friend had faith in me to photograph her wedding and I booked 17 weddings from hers!! The rest was history after that. I think the Man upstairs knew what He wanted for my life and I got it whether I was ready or not. 

I never saw photography as my career but He knew what He was doing and I can't think Him enough. This is my dream job! I get to meet amazing families, document true love, empower women and continue being a full time mom while work from home!

Photography isn't a job to me. It is my passion and I see gorgeous light and opportunity in every corner!

Let's capture something stunning!


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Oh, boy! This will get me in my feelings. I hope that you can have an open mind and heart.

I can do really well in stressful environments, like weddings, but sometimes this strong independent woman needs a good cry in her bed. I am working so hard to make sure everyone is happy. 

I have built this empire myself. I don't come from money and I am a single mother.
I had tried to take my business full time for the longest time but putting a roof over my sons head and food on the table won that battle, between my dream job, many times. 

After, many struggles and timidness, WE ARE HERE, and ready!!! AND FULL TIME!
I trust God, and his timing for my life.
I jumped in headfirst and there is no looking back!
This is where I belong.

But It wasn't always easy...

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Is the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family.
It's only my son, Carson, and I; so being able to stay at home and make a living, is a dream come true. 

There is nothing better than being able to work and be there for my child at the same time. When Carson wants to watch a movie and cuddle, we can do that! I have the freedom to take a break when it is needed most; for the most special moments in his life. Then, it's right back to work! I work from the moment I wake to the moment I go to bed, with some breaks here and there. A girls gotta eat!

My son looks up to me in every way possible. He is my cheerleader and my coach.
His little reminders on the weekends to go to bed, because I have worked really hard, are the cutest thing. 

Having a business shows him what hard work can bring you and I hope he wants to be just like mom. 

Having a Business...

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