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IT’S TIME – to announce the senior spokesmodels of 2022!!

A spokesmodel is a Junior going into their Senior year that helps spread the word about my business with their friends; so they can have an amazing senior experience just like them. They are kind, stylish, and outgoing. Seniors that represent my brand need to be role models for their peers and active in their schools and/or community. We will photograph two shoots throughout their senior year. This first session is shown in this post and a cap & gown session at the end of the year. 

EEK! Let’s just jump right into it! 

I had a blast with these girls and I wish you could hear their giggles. They are so cute. I think they are going to be amazing role models for their peers. They all are so kind and inspiring!

Senior Spokesmodel Senior Spokesmodel

First, and in no particular order…

Allison of Archbold High School

About Allie – “I enjoy singing, creating artwork, and playing the ukulele in my spare time creating. I will probably attend THE Ohio State University after I graduate to become a genetic counselor. Even though my dad raised me as a U of M fan. My personality is fun-loving, sometimes serious but sassy. I have a big heart for kids, especially my little cousins and siblings. I try to be kind to everyone and include people in things. I am passionate about learning about science, especially genetics. I think that this field of science could help a lot of people, like those dealing with cancer. My grandma is battling ovarian cancer and my aunt defeated breast cancer. So I am passionate about finding ways through the genetic puzzle to beat cancer first.”

Senior Pictures Wheat Field

Morgan of Hicksville High School

About Morgan – “I’m shy at first, but after time I will not stop talking, haha. I think I’m a bubbly person & I try to make everyone feel welcomed! I’m really passionate about God, the beauty industry, and my family! I’m a catholic, and most of my childhood was spent going to CCD on Wednesday nights with my fellow classmates! I have always loved making people feel great about themselves, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. That’s when I gave cosmetology a chance, and I love it! My family has always been there for me and always has supported my decisions. They are the best & they rock!”

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Eva of Holgate High School

About Eva – “I would describe my personality as an extravert, caring, loving, outgoing, and funny. I love to have fun and make memories. I also love to go out of my way to do extra, LITTLE, things that tend to make people the happiest! I have a love for music. I play the guitar, saxophone, and I have found a new love for the cello. I love to play the cello especially when my sister is with me playing the piano! The last thing that I show a true passion for is caring for other people. I love sharing little acts of kindness to make other people happy!”

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Gracee of Fayette High School

About Gracee – “I am straightforward, honest, hard-working, and love the outdoors. I love working at the farm with our cows. I love my dog butterscotch and sweet tea. I am passionate about succeeding in life, taking care of those close to me, and my grades.”

I have an amazing group of girls here! They really are beautiful on the inside and outside. When I look for a senior spokesmodel, I am looking for girls that will be great role models for their peers, active at their school and/or community. 

Senior Pictures Wheat Field

Morgan Marie Seniors choose kindness and spread love!

Senior Spokesmodel

When you are a Morgan Marie Spokesmodel you will get special perks when you refer a friend to me, as well as, get a chance to be on the cover of my Senior Style Guide. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a future Morgan Marie Senior Spokesmodel. Follow along on my Instagram – @morganmarieohio so you don’t miss my announcements. Spokesmodels are chosen every March. 

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Senior Spokesmodels | 2022

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