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IT’S TIME – to announce the senior spokesmodels of 2022!! A spokesmodel is a Junior going into their Senior year that helps spread the word about my business with their friends; so they can have an amazing senior experience just like them. They are kind, stylish, and outgoing. Seniors that represent my brand need to […]

The Toledo Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite senior portrait locations and it has also become a favorite amongst my seniors. Just about every one of them chooses this location for their images. Don’t worry if you’re not from Toledo, most of my seniors travel for their senior session to have a better location […]

Toledo Botanical Garden Senior Photo

Are you ready to see who the next face of Morgan Marie Seniors is?! But first, what is the meaning of ‘The Next Face of Morgan Marie’? Every year I choose a senior from the current graduating year to be the “Face” of Morgan Marie Seniors. This contest winner is chosen by social media and […]

The Next Face of Morgan Marie Seniors

I had the best time with Porsha! She found me from a friend in my 2020 Senior Spokesmodel Team. Applications for the 2022 Senior Spokesmodels Team will be opening up on December 20th, 2020!! You don’t want to miss this! The Senior Spokesmodel Team members get an exclusive discount on the full senior experience, as […]

Porsha 2021 Defiance Ohio High School Senior Session

What can I say about these girls? They were so fun to photograph! There was so much laughing going on this whole session. They really made it easy on me to capture their personalities. We were only able to get half the girls at this session, so keep a look out in early October for […]

I am so excited to announce the TWELVE girls for my Senior Spokesmodel Team this year! Their applications were so amazing. Let me tell you! These girls are busy! They are so involved with their communities and schools that it’s so incredible to see that in such beautiful girls. For my spokesmodel program, I am […]

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