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IT’S TIME – to announce the senior spokesmodels of 2022!! A spokesmodel is a Junior going into their Senior year that helps spread the word about my business with their friends; so they can have an amazing senior experience just like them. They are kind, stylish, and outgoing. Seniors that represent my brand need to […]

Toledo Botanical Garden Senior Photo

The Toledo Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite senior portrait locations and it has also become a favorite amongst my seniors. Just about every one of them chooses this location for their images. Don’t worry if you’re not from Toledo, most of my seniors travel for their senior session to have a better location […]

DIY Console Couch Table

Often I find myself stopping my work so I can recharge my computer all the time. I do all my blogging and social media planning from my couch so this DIY Console Couch Table was the perfect fix to my problem. There isn’t a plug with easy access in this area. And, this table I […]

Eclectic Desk Ideas

You have planned your whole wedding; flowers, favors, even the guest signs for the bathroom but did you know that it’s crucial to have a wedding timeline? A wedding timeline will help keep your wedding day running smooth. The day can get away from you if you don’t have specific times and deadlines for the […]

You said, YES! Now what? I want to capture your excitement as fresh as possible but do not rush to find a photographer. You don’t want your excitement of getting engagement photos to get in the way of finding the perfect photographer for you, hopefully, it’s me though. As my wedding couple, here is how […]

We are living in a digital decade and we spend most of our time on social media. For every emotional attachment, there is a photo, and that photo…gets posted. Every birthday, life event, engagement, etc. is documented on a minuscule 6 inches of glass and plastic. I think we have forgotten the value of print […]

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Matthew and Gabriela’s Cincinnati wedding was an amazing way to end the 2020 year. I am so thankful that I was apart of their wedding day! We started the morning in the most gorgeous Northern Kentucky Hotel, Hotel Covington. Where Gabriela had the most stunning bridal suite I have ever seen, with drapings from floor […]