So many clients book a boudoir session feeling unsure, self-conscious, and even a little afraid. I get it! But once you start seeing yourself the way I do behind the camera, you’ll fall in love with yourself!

After a few warm-up shots, I typically show you the image on the back of my camera. You know the most common reaction? “That’s me?!” Clients are stunned to see how sexy and stunning they look.

I love encouraging women to love themselves. And I love the way women feel after experiencing a boudoir session with me. See that photo to the left? That’s me. This shot was taken at a time when I felt bad about the way I looked. But once I saw this image, my entire view changed. To this day, this is still one of my favorite images.

I loved my features. I saw beauty, strength, attitude, confidence. I remembered who I was. AND I LOVED ME.

You’ll experience the same transformation during your boudoir session. Whether you come in feeling poised and ready to slay or feeling nervous and totally shy – you’ll leave feeling confident and sexy as hell. We each deserve to fall in love with ourselves, and a boudoir session is one of the best ways to do that.

Meet morgan marie:

I’m obsessed with boudoir photography for one major reason – watching your confidence bloom one photo at a time.

are you ready, babe?

survived  13 yrs of depression

Most people don't know that I:

my son, Carson.

My favorite person in the world is:

eyes & lips

What I love most about my body:


My favorite lingerie store is:

a therapist

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

the selfie

I mastered:

get to know me

some intimate details


"My personal experience with Morgan has been nothing but perfection! She has done not only family shoots of my sons and I but she has done two boudoir shoots for me!!! Morgan made me feel 10000% comfortable with myself even the things I do not like about my body! The ideas Morgan comes up with are fun and sexy! I can NOT wait to book another shoot!"

"Morgan made me feel 10000% comfortable with myself"


"I had the most amazing time doing my boudoir shoot with Morgan. I was absolutely horrified going into it. I even asked to cancel the shoot because I was so nervous. I am not the skinniest person in the world and I told her how much I hate my belly. She put me in the best positions to hide that for me. The whole time she was so encouraging and made me feel beautiful. I am so very thankful that she made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Morgan, she's the best and once again makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable. Oh! And the pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for making me feel so amazing, Morgan!"


you deserve to love your body

A boudoir session is the perfect way to build your confidence and show off your sultry beauty

let's do this, babe!

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